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Why Restaurants of Every Variety Need an Emergency Plumber

If you own or manage a restaurant, you should have an emergency plumber’s phone number programmed into your phone.  This way, if disaster strikes, you will be able to summon a plumbing professional plumber at the press of a button for prompt assistance.  However, the sad truth is most restaurant owners and managers do not understand why the assistance of an emergency plumber is so important.  Let’s take a quick look at why such a professional’s assistance is a must-have for restaurants of every type.

Professional Plumbing Ensures the Building is Safe for Customers and Employees

The cleanliness of your restaurant dictates whether you will pass a health inspector’s test, provide employees with a safe work environment and produce tasty dishes that are not tainted in any way.  Unfortunately, a plumbing emergency has the potential to compromise sewer and water lines, sending bacteria and germs throughout the restaurant.  The last thing you need is for such bacteria to compromise the food that is prepared by your staff and served to your customers. 

Even a minor plumbing issue can hinder faucet/sink functionality, making it impossible for employees to wash their hands prior to handling food and after using the bathroom.  There is also the potential for a backflow of sewage water to compromise potable water flow, generating a nasty health hazard.  Lean on an emergency plumber when plumbing problems arise and you will rest easy knowing your restaurant plumbing is functional and safe for customers as well as employees.

Maximize Your Restaurant’s Efficiency

Slow or ineffective plumbing at your restaurant will hinder your staff’s ability to prepare meals in a timely manner.  After all, it merely takes a clogged grease trap or a sink that is slow to drain to significantly reduce the speed at which cooking is performed.  The end result of such a plumbing problem is an increase in the amount of time it takes to serve food.  Every second counts when it comes to satisfying hungry customers.  The last thing you want is to keep your customers waiting due to a plumbing malfunction that could have been quickly remedied by an emergency plumber.

Protect Your Restaurant’s Image

Your restaurant must maintain the proper sanitation standards to comply with the letter of the law, serve clean food and provide customers with a bathroom sink where they can properly clean their hands.  If the customers’ bathroom sink is not functioning as it should, customers will inevitably flock to a competing restaurant with higher standards.  Even something as seemingly subtle as a partially clogged sink where your staff washes the dishes has the potential to double wait times for customers to receive their orders.  Furthermore, if a plumbing issue prevents the soda machine from tapping into potable water and you cannot serve soda, customers will write negative reviews on the web and venture to other local restaurants.

Emergency Plumbing Makes the Kitchen That Much Safer

Take a moment to imagine the problems that can result from a sink used for dish washing that does not drain due to a clog.  Silverware, plates and other items will inevitably be placed in areas where they should not be, creating an impediment for those attempting to work in the kitchen.  Such a situation is a safety hazard for your employees.  Consider a situation in which a grease trap is clogged.  If the clog is not cleaned in a timely manner, the buildup of grease has the potential to cause a fire that burns an employee or spreads throughout the kitchen.

Plumbing Problems Really can Force the Closure of Your Establishment

If a sewage backup or floodwaters breach your restaurant’s areas for food storage, service spaces or food preparation areas, you will not be able to serve customers.  Your restaurant will have to temporarily close for cleaning and plumbing service.  It is quite possible the customers who planned on dining at your establishment will never return, assuming there are significant problems with your establishment.  The worst case scenario is those customers spreading the word about your restaurant’s problems to friends, family and others in their social and professional circles.   

Water can Compromise Your Restaurant’s Electrical System

There is a chance a plumbing problem will send water leaking directly into your restaurant’s electrical system.  If such an event occurs, you will have quite the safety issue on your hands.  Water that moves into electrical systems puts your employees as well as your customers in harm’s way.  After all, it merely takes a minor drip for water to sabotage the building’s electrical system, creating a fire that has the potential to spread throughout your establishment in seconds.