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Why Homeowners Should opt for Professional Excavation Rather Than DIY

The Merits of Professional Excavation Compared to the Perils of DIY Excavation

There will come a point in time at which every property requires excavation for plumbing purposes or another reason.  Though it is certainly tempting to attempt to do the excavation work on your own, such a DIY (do it yourself) attempt is a major mistake.  Ask anyone who has attempted to excavate their own property about the experience and you will find it did not work out as expected.  Our professional excavation crew is here to handle this challenging project on your behalf.  Here’s a quick look at why property owners should lean on the experienced excavators to do the dirty work.

The Professionals Minimize Damage to Your Property

Excavation involves digging up parts of your lawn to reach the pipes below the grass and dirt.  Attempt a project of this magnitude on your own and there is a chance you will strike a pipe, sending water every which-way, or even damaging a gas pipe.  Furthermore, those who attempt DIY excavation typically remove more dirt, grass and other yard components than necessary.  Oftentimes, such self-reliance ends up leading to a call for help from the experienced excavators.  

The Professionals get This Messy Job Done Quickly 

Excavating your front or back yard to reach the pipes below will create a bit of a mess.  Your yard will look disheveled during the excavation.  However, the professionals will minimize the amount of time your yard looks this way.  Even if unexpected issues arise, our team will be able to put out those “fires” in a timely manner, ensuring the project remains on course and your yard returns to normal in a reasonable amount of time.  The alternative is a DIY project that will inevitably leave dirt, grass and other yard components scattered about for an extended period of time.  It is even possible your excavation project will be delayed indefinitely when unexpected challenges arise.

The Right Equipment to get the Job Done Properly

Excavation requires much more than a shovel or two.  Our professionals have all the equipment, tools and manpower necessary to preform rapid excavation.   This level of unparalleled preparation ensures the job is done right and without lengthy delay.

Consideration for the Surrounding Structures

The faulty pipe in question is only one piece of the excavation puzzle.  Professional excavators account for all nearby objects when performing this challenging work.  Everything from trees to shrubs, gas pipes and additional environmental features must be accounted for.  We go out of our way to identify these potential problems and minimize risk.  Alternatively, those who attempt DIY excavation typically rely on guesswork to determine where utility pipes are located and how digging holes will affect other parts of the property. 

An In-depth Understanding of Soil and Ground

The soil you traverse on a daily basis is not guaranteed to be the soil dug up during excavation.  In certain areas, relatively shallow digging will lead to muddy soil, rocky soil or sand.  Digging through these different types of dirt is challenging.  As an example, rocky soil is difficult to break apart and lift.  It is even possible muddy/sandy walls will collapse mid-dig.  This is precisely why it is better to lean on the pros with the specialized equipment necessary to get the job done right.  We have the extensive experience necessary to manage all different types of soil/ground. 

Better Safe Than Sorry

Sadly, some of those who attempt DIY excavation end up with an injury or damage to their property.  Furthermore, those who lean on amateurs to do the work are susceptible to personal injury lawsuits.  Put your faith in our fully insured, licensed and bonded excavation team and you won’t spend a single second worrying about injury or a personal injury lawsuit.  If something goes wrong, we will cover the cost of repair as well as related medical costs.

The Pros Sweat the Small Stuff That Actually Matters a Great Deal

Experienced excavators understand the subtleties of these complex projects are of the utmost importance.  Anything from unexpectedly low temperatures that harden the ground to rain have the potential to complicate the digging work.  Let us tend to the details of the project and you will be able to square your focus on your job and your family.

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