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The Timeline for Water Heater Maintenance, Repair and Replacement

Your water heater will eventually require maintenance, repair and replacement. However, it will likely take years before a repair is necessary. You will likely get 8-12 years out of the unit before it requires replacement. Let’s take a closer look at the timelines for water heater maintenance, repair and replacement.

The Maintenance Timeline

Your water heater should be maintained on an annual basis. However, performing a superficial once-over visual sweep of the water heater will not suffice. Instead, you should rely on a professional for ongoing water heater maintenance. Our team is here to inspect, maintain and repair your water heater as necessary. Reach out to us at least once per year for this essential maintenance. Ideally, the maintenance will be performed at the same time each year so there is a consistent analysis of your water heater preformed every 300-400 days. Abide by this schedule for water heater maintenance and you will have done your part to ensure the system provides you and your loved ones with warm water in the cold months. Furthermore, ongoing maintenance reduces the chances of the water heater enduring damage or breaking and putting you and your loved ones at risk for severe burns after exposure to scalding water. Even if you are absolutely certain nothing is wrong with your water heater, it should be flushed during annual maintenance. A professional flushing empties out the unit through a hose, subsequently refilling it with clean and fresh water, ultimately removing sediment buildup and reducing the chances of clogs and damage. Maintenance also includes an analysis and cleaning of the system’s rods, coils and other components.

The Frequency of Repair

Invest in a new water heater and you probably won’t need any repairs for the next year or possibly even several years. Though every water heater eventually requires repair, those who maintain their water heater through a reliance on the professionals at least once per year greatly reduce the chances of significant or costly repairs. Yearly maintenance of your water heater clues the technician into whether there are any meaningful problems developing or if problems exist that mandate repair. However, the frequency of maintenance is not the sole determinant of whether frequent repairs will be necessary. The quality of the water heater, along with its make and model also play important roles in determining whether water heater repair will be necessary down the line.

The Timeline for Water Heater Replacement

Most water heaters last around a decade. However, there is the potential for your water heater to require replacement as soon as the eight-year mark. Invest in a top-notch water heater made by a respected water heater manufacturer and you might get 12+ years out of the unit. It is worth noting natural gas water heaters typically require replacement before electric water heaters. However, your frequency of use along with your commitment (or lack thereof) to annual maintenance also affect the water heater’s lifespan. If you have any doubt as to whether you might need a new water heater, err on the safe side by estimating a useful lifespan of eight years. This way, you will have money budgeted in for the purchase and installation of a new water heater at the eight-year mark yet you might actually get another two to five years or even more out of the unit.

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