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There is a common misconception that loose hair or facial hair that ends up in the drain after shaving is the one and only cause of clogs.  However, in reality, there are numerous reasons why drains clog.  Let’s take a look at the real reasons why drains clog and why the assistance of an experienced plumber is necessary to address stubborn clogs.

A Buildup of Grease and/or Oil

Countless people dump grease, oil and other gunk down their drain, assuming it won’t cause a problem.  However, grease and oil cake directly onto the walls of drain pipes, eventually narrowing the path through which water should flow.  Making matters worse is the fact that food particles and soap scum will stick to the grease/oil, creating an even larger clog.  There is no sense using a plunger or chemical drain cleaner on a stubborn clog resulting from the accumulation of grease and/or oil.  Instead, let our savvy plumbers tackle this problem on your behalf.  We will eliminate the buildup and return your plumbing system to normal without an extensive delay.

Hair, Skin Flakes and Dirt

The vast majority of bathroom drain clogging results from the binding of hair, skin flakes and dirt to soap scum that sticks to drain pipe walls.  As time progresses, this nasty gunk builds up to the point that the flow of water is significantly reduced.  Even if you do not have long hair, simply shaving above a drain can cause hair to stick to the sides of the drain and prevent water from moving down below as it should.  If your drain has a drain stopper, clean it once every couple weeks to mitigate clogging.  It will also help to add a hair strainer cover to the drain to collect hair before it moves down the drain.  However, it is only a matter of time until hair gradually builds up in the drain, necessitating the assistance of a professional plumber.  Our team is here to clear the hair and other gunk out of your drains in a thorough and timely manner.

The Buildup of Minerals

Hard water is a significant problem as it causes minerals to dissolve, accumulate and result in an insoluble mass that obstructs the flow of water.  If your home has hard water, it is in your interest to install a water softener.  However, if hard water is not the problem, descaling and the removal of sediment and other built-up gunk will be necessary.  Do not attempt to remove mineral accumulations on your own.  This is a project for the professional plumbers.  Reach out to us as soon as you find your drain is clogged and we will determine what the true problem is.

Faulty Pipe Installation

Though few homeowners are aware of it, some plumbing systems are not installed properly.  The little-know truth is pipe installation is somewhat of an art form.  There is a chance you purchased a home with poorly-installed pipes that result in expensive drain blockages.  In some situations, homeowners are stuck with a home plumbing system installed in a DIY (do it yourself) manner by the prior homeowner.  Faulty pipe installation can result in a wide range of issues ranging from pipe fractures to water flow obstructions and beyond.  Our plumbing crew is here to determine if the pipes in your home were installed in the proper manner.  IF necessary, we will remove the faulty plumbing, install new pipes in the proper manner and ultimately help you avoid frustrating clogs inn the future.

Obstruction From Toiletries and Other Small Objects

If you have one or several kids in your home, there is a good chance they will put something in the drain that should not be there.  Kids often assume the water emanating from the faucet or toilet will help just about anything go down the drain.  Sadly, when such items are subjected to water, they absorb moisture, expand and prevent water from moving down the drainpipe as it should.  If you are even slightly suspicious an item is blocking the flow of water down your drain, do not attempt to remove it on your own.  This is a job for the professionals with the specialized equipment necessary to remove obstructions as quickly and effectively as possible.

Drain Clog or Other Plumbing Problem?  Excel Plumbing is on Your Side

If you are dealing with a drain clog or another plumbing issue, do not attempt to perform a DIY fix.  Let us spearhead this project on your behalf and we will get your plumbing system back in working order sooner rather than later.  You can contact our plumbers by dialing 847-416-2736 or filling out our online contact form.