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If water compromises your home, it is imperative you take immediate action by asking for assistance from the water damage restoration professionals.  Fail to address your compromised furniture, walls, floors, possessions and other valuables and you will end up with harmful mold that compromises your health as well as your living space.  The most important thing you can do after water damage is reach out to the professionals for assistance with restoration.  Let’s take a quick look at why professional water damage restoration is so important.

Professional Guidance During This Difficult Time 

When water damages your property, you will undoubtedly feel frustrated, angry and sad.  This is not a time for self-reliance.  This is a time to lean on the water damage restoration experts to thoroughly dry and sanitize your living space.  The pros will determine the true extent of the water damage.  There is a good chance the water has breached much more than your basement floor.  The walls, furniture, appliances and possibly even drywall might have also been compromised.  Let the water damage restoration gurus inspect your living space, gauge the extent to the damage and perform restoration on your behalf.

The Right Equipment to Zap out the Moisture 

Water damage restoration crews are armed with the specialized equipment necessary to address extensive water damage.  These machines are vastly superior to a mop and vacuum.  The bottom line is you need professional water damage restoration equipment to make your living space truly healthy and habitable.  Let the pros suck the moisture, mold and other gunk from your water-logged items and your space will finally be dried to an acceptable level.

The Professionals Remove Mold and Water in a Truly Safe Manner 

Mold growth is problematic for human and pet health as well as the integrity of your home.  However, if you attempt to eliminate moisture and mold in a DIY (do it yourself) manner, you run the risk of becoming sick or simply spreading the mold throughout your living space.  This is a job for the proven professionals.  Let the pros tackle your water damage restoration project and you will enjoy an invaluable peace of mind knowing the mold has been fully removed and that chances of recurrence are greatly diminished.

Professional Water Damage Restoration Saves You Money 

Oftentimes, it merely takes an hour or two for water to spur considerable damage and financial losses.  If you wait to ask for help or do not ask for help at all, you will only worsen the problem, making the damage that much more costly to rectify.  The worst case scenario is having to replace badly-damaged items.  The amount of time you wait to ask for assistance from the water damage restoration professionals has the potential to make the difference between being forced to fully reconstruct damaged drywall and merely having a small stain on the drywall that can be sanded off and painted over.  In the end, making a prompt phone call to the water damage restoration experts will ultimately reduce the cost of the restoration project as the restoration team will be able to assess, clear, clean and dry the affected areas as quickly as possible.

Invaluable Assistance With Your Insurance Claim 

Filing an insurance claim is just about the last thing you want to do after your home has been breached by water.  However, you must file an insurance claim in order to receive compensation that covers the cost of water restoration, replacement/repairs and other related expenses.  For most people, filing such a claim is intimidating simply because of the excessive bureaucracy and insurance policy language. 

Reach out to the water damage restoration professionals for assistance and you will have the assistance necessary to properly document your losses.  Such documentation is necessary to obtain the money you need and deserve after this unfortunate situation.  If you end up embroiled in a dispute with the insurance provider, the water damage restoration team’s proof of damage will help you prove your claim is legitimate, grease the wheels of business and dramatically increase the chances of your claim being approved.

Identifying and Removing the Mold 

If your home has been breached by water, there is a good chance you will have at least a minor mold issue.  It merely takes 24 hours for mold to form.  Mold will grow on all surfaces that are even slightly damp or moist.  This means there might be mold under your carpeting, on or below your furniture and other spaces contacted by water.  Let the professionals inspect the entirety of your home for mold, identify the mold’s location and type, treat it and ensure your living space is completely healthy for you and your loved ones.