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Comprehensive backflow services in Cook, Lake and DuPage counties

Your backflow device is the only thing standing between your water and outside contaminants. With backflow, pressure can cause water to flow back up again in the system, which may cause dirt and various other unwanted substances or chemicals to get into your water. This contaminated water is not only harmful for your health, but also has a bad taste. In fact, many municipalities have adequate regulations that demand certain preventive steps to be taken to prevent this from happening in both commercial and residential buildings. Prevent a potential disaster with the help of Excel Plumbing Backflow Services. We are certified by the American Backflow Prevention Association and can handle all of your backflow needs! We can service any make or model and make sure you’re not at risk for contaminated water. Our team is equipped to handle:


  • Backflow testing
  • Backflow installation
  • Backflow repair
  • Backflow theft prevention

Maintain a healthy home or office with backflow testing

Is your water safe, or is it being contaminated by backflow? Without a backflow test and a backflow prevention assembly, your sprinkler system, swimming pool, or even your water heater could be pushing contaminated water back into your kitchen and bathroom. Even if you have an existing backflow prevention device, in Illinois you must have annual backflow testing to guarantee that the device is working properly.

Our technicians will come to your home or commercial property and shut off the water to help determine if any unwanted liquids are passing through the system. If we discover any problems with your devices, we’ll recommend an effective repair or replacement solution.

Excel Plumbing technicians are certified in backflow testing, repair, rebuilding, and replacing backflow assemblies for residential and commercial applications. We have years of experience as a certified backflow tester in Cook, Lake & DuPage counties and we provide affordable backflow testing to our many satisfied customers.

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"Excel did a wonderful job. Arrived in 30 minutes and fixed my leaking faucet right away."

Dan Stein

"Clean uniformed plumbers changed my leaking water heater and took out the old one."

Dave C Deerfield

"Both plumbers were polite and made sure not to make a mess in my home. Clean and very fast work."

Michael Torino
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