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An Inside Look at why the Minor Cost of Professional Drain Cleaning is Worth the Money

There is a common misconception that professional drain cleaning is not worth the cost.  Plenty of people think the average person can perform DIY (do it yourself) plumbing that produces acceptable results at a fraction of the cost.  However, if you were to ask those who have attempted DIY plumbing or contacted the local handyman for assistance with their clogged drain, you would find most of those efforts were in vain.  Professional drain cleaning really is worth the money.  Here’s why.

Professional Drain Cleaning Cuts to the Core of the Problem

The difference between professional plumbers and amateurs as well as those who swear by the DIY ethos is quite significant.  In particular, professional plumbers are on a mission to determine the “why” of the matter, rather than just remedy the clog.  After all, there is no sense in applying a temporary or superficial fix if it does not address the overarching problem.  There might be a major problem or several other problems yet you will not know for sure unless you rely on the professional drain cleaners to diagnose the issue.

Prevent Even Costlier Problems Down the Line

Professional drain cleaners will address the problem in a timely and thorough manner.  This in-depth approach is necessary to do much more than merely address the clogged drain.  The corrective actions taken by your plumber will help prevent additional problems from arising down the line.  It is quite possible the little bit of money you pay for a plumber’s help will ultimately save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the years and decades ahead.  Just be sure to hire a trusted plumber who will tell you the truth about what is really going on with your plumbing system, identify areas for repair and get the job done right to prevent additional costly projects from arising down the line.

Professional Drain Cleaners use the Right Tech and Tools

Drain cleaning involves much more than running a plumber’s snake down into the clogged drain.  The best plumbers have all the latest industry tech, tools and equipment necessary to determine the true cause of the clog and remove it in the proper manner.  Lean on a professional plumber for drain cleaning and the plumber might use a specialized fiber optic camera to look closely within the drain.  The diminutive camera moves down the drainpipe, providing the plumber with a clear look at what is causing the clog.  This level of insight empowers the plumber to zero in on the areas that need additional attention to clear away the clog and return your home plumbing to normal.

Professional plumbers also use hydrojetting to clear away stubborn clogs.  This approach involves the use of a hose with a high level of pressure to break apart clogs along the sides of drains.  The powerful force of water eliminates all different types of accumulation, scraping the pipe in the appropriate manner to return it to the proper condition.  This approach to clearing away stubborn clogs drastically reduces the chances of a subsequent buildup down the line.

Professional Drain Cleaning is Safer for Your Plumbing System

The powerful chemicals within those supposed drain cleaning products available at local stores are a direct threat to the integrity of your home plumbing system.  There is absolutely no reason to dump any such drain cleaning liquid down your drain.  After all, the last thing you want to do is compromise your home plumbing system to the point that pipes have to be replaced.  Instead, lean on a professional plumber to clear away the gunk from your pipes without damaging your plumbing.

Consider the Alternative

If you were to attempt to solve your plumbing problem on your own or outsource the project to the neighborhood handyman, the problem would likely worsen.  Though you might think you are saving money by taking the DIY route and using a drain cleaner from the store or an old plumbing snake you have in the bathroom closet, these attempts rarely produce the intended results.  Sure, the clog might dissipate a bit as a result of your DIY effort yet it will still be present.  This buildup will only worsen as time progresses, heightening the chances of your pipes bursting, your water bills skyrocketing, your water being contaminated and corrosion compromising the drainage system. 

Why bother with all this drama and unnecessary expense when the professional plumbers are a call away?  Rely on the pros and you will rest easy, knowing the best in the business are working hard to permanently solve your clogged drain.