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A brief guide to cleansing a dirty and or clogged toilet

How to Cleanse Your Clogged Toilet

If you are like most people, you dread the prospect of cleaning your toilet. Though this is certainly an unenviable task, it must be done. Cleansing a toilet is especially important to prevent continued clogging. If your toilet has clogged in the past, it is imperative you clean it with regularity to prevent additional problems across posterity. We have identified all the toilet cleaning tips and tricks on your behalf.

Get the Worst Part of the Clean Over With Right Away

Nearly everyone agrees the worst part about cleaning a toilet is getting rid of all the stains and other gunk within the actual toilet bowl. However, cleaning a toilet bowl does not have to prove annoying or frustrating. With the right tools and technique, you will be able to clean the entirety of the bowl, minimizing the chances of yet another clog.

Begin by removing everything from the vicinity of the toilet but for cleaning supplies. Cleaning a toilet has the potential to be messy so items should not be positioned anywhere near the toilet. Turn off the water to the toilet. If the toilet cleaning brush you own is not stiff-bristled, it is time to buy one with stiff bristles. Rigid bristles are necessary to clean the interior of the toilet bowl as well as the area beneath the rim. You might notice a ring around the bowl with the hue of rust. If such a ring is present in your toilet bowl, you probably have minerals within your water system. Toilet cleaning aficionados far and wide concur the optimal means of combating such staining is to use pumice stone. A couple drags of the pumice stone across the rust ring within the interior portion of your toilet bowl should suffice. There is no reason to worry about cleaning your toilet bowl with such a stone as pumice is fairly soft so it will not mar the porcelain surface. Once the rusted ring is clean, turn the water back on. Flush the toilet to rinse the bowl.

Your toilet will likely have gunk built up beyond the ring of rust mentioned above. Therefore, the use of pumice stone probably won’t suffice in and of itself. Add the gel cleanser, liquid cleaning agent or powder cleaner to the toilet bowl. Try to apply the cleaning solution as close as possible to the rim of the toilet. Otherwise, you run the risk of the cleanser being diluted by the water within the toilet bowl. Scrub the entirety of the toilet bowl with your toilet cleaning brush

Reapply the toilet cleaning solution around the rim once again and let it remain there for at least 10-20 minutes. Be patient while the toilet cleaner works its magic on the bowl. Once 15 minutes pass, you can flush the bowl to cleanse it. Do not forget to flush as allowing the toilet cleaning solution to remain in place for an extended period of time has the potential to stain the bowl.

Vigorously Scrub Beneath the Rim

When scrubbing the toilet bowl, go out of your way to perform a thorough scrubbing beneath the rim. Otherwise, there will be waste matter and other grime concealed below. It is possible neglecting the area below the bowl’s rim will eventually cause gunk to build up to the point that it is caked on in the form of a layer that requires excessive scrubbing for removal. Furthermore, the buildup of such gunk contributes to the chances of yet another dreaded clog.

Clean the Remainder of the Toilet From the Top Down

Once the challenge of cleansing the toilet bowl itself is over and done with, it is time to shift your attention to the remainder of the toilet. Begin cleaning the exterior of the toilet from the top down. Spray an all-purpose disinfectant onto the top of the toilet lid, gradually working your way down the middle and sides, all the way down to the toilet’s base connected to the floor. The logic in cleansing the toilet from the top down is that the disinfectant will drip downward, making it that much easier to clean the entirety of the toilet without wasting the cleaning solution. Wipe down the toilet with paper towels, making sure to clean all the nooks and crannies.

Don’t forget to clean the interior of the toilet lid as well as the seat top/bottom. Some of the cleaning solution and grime from the lid/seat will undoubtedly make its way down into the toilet bowl during the cleaning process. This is perfectly fine as you can simply close the lid and flush the toilet at the end of the cleaning process.